Empirica: OVR in the first 200 Most Liquid Tokens on Uniswap v3

Over the Reality
1 min readFeb 1, 2024


Crypto market maker and intelligence firm, Empirica recently published a liquidity report on the OVR token, placing it in the top 200 most liquid tokens. Their assessment took into consideration essential metrics like slippage and market depth.

“For OVR investors, this translates to a very good trading environment,” said Empirica Liquidity Lab, producers of the report. “The liquidity surrounding OVR is robust, minimizing concerns about slippage, even for substantial trades. In fact, for a $5,000 trade, the slippage rate is only 1.1%, which is quite low.”

Key details from the report:

  • Rank: 169th place
  • Trading Pair: OVR/ETH
  • Fee Level: 1%
  • Average Daily Trading Volume: $7,000
  • Slippage: 1.1%
  • Market Depth: over $13k
  • Total Value Locked (TVL): $2,2 million

Access the entire report here.

You can acquire the token by selecting the BUY $OVR button above. And be sure to visit the OVER Marketplace (link also above) to explore all the opportunities available when you hold the currency of the OVER digital layer.



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