Ladies and gentlemen, start your mapping!

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3 min readFeb 1, 2024

The incentives phase of the Map the World in 3D campaign is live. It’s time to map2earn™️…

“Our long-term vision at OVER is to create the largest Web3-based 3D recreation of the world. Think Google Maps but as AR-enabled digital twins that are made by the community.” — co-founder and COO of OVER, Diego Di Tommaso

The tension has been building since early November when we opened applications to become part of the first wave of mappers.

Now, the day has come. For the chosen ones, it’s time to start mapping.

Have you made it through?

Selected applicants will be notified on Twitter via the @ovrlist account. You can also go to the application form. If you’re in, you’ll see the following:

map2earn™️ live on the OVER app

Last week the OVER app was upgraded to version 1.5.1, with the most significant addition being the map2earn™️ section.

Consider this your headquarters for the campaign to Map the World in 3D, the key features of which include:

  • Map showing mappable areas
  • Rewards and earnings overview
  • Status of the Monthly and Major Prize Draws
  • Tokens available to withdraw

Ways to earn

Check out this recent blog post for all the details on earning $OVR tokens. We’ll be adding more incentives as the campaign progresses.

Right now, there are four main ways to earn:

  1. Direct Payments — based on the value of the mapped location. Direct payments apply only to owned OVRLands
  2. Major Prize Draw — the more maps you make, the more entries you submit to potentially share in $100,000 worth of OVR tokens. Winners are selected randomly via Chainlink
  3. Monthly Prize Draw — a continuation of our current Mapper Challenge, with winners selected randomly via Chainlink
  4. Treasure Hunt — check your completed maps for random distributed hidden bonuses


  • Direct rewards only apply to owned OVRLands
  • The Prize Draws and Treasure Hunt rewards apply to both owned OVRLands and additional locations from the Open Street Map

Check the bottom of this recent blog post for more info about boosting your earnings and withdrawing tokens.

Get out there, get mapping, get earning

And above all, stay safe. Only map where you’re allowed to map and when it’s safe to do so.

(We can also recommend a pair of comfortable shoes, plenty of water, and clothing appropriate to weather conditions in your part of the world.)

In the coming days we’ll be posting the ultimate guide to mapping, detailing the best practices for making the best quality OVER Maps and maximizing your chances of earning for your efforts.

This is the historic start of our global initiative to Map the World in 3D and create the foundation of the spatial web. Get ready, get excited and, as always… good luck and good mapping!



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