OVR December Development Plan

November Updates

  • New OVRLive Scaling Infrastructure.
  • Anti-cheating security features.
  • Unity SDK Support.
  • OVRLand Experience Showcase.
  • Collectibles update.

December Development Plan

  • Launch updated website and UI restyling.
  • Threedium integration in OVR Web Builder.
  • BSC integration for Secondary Marketplace: Users will be able to buy and sell OVRLand on the Secondary Marketplace using the BSC network.
  • BSC Swapper
  • Unity SDK alpha release
  • Upgrading OVR Experiences capacity from 5 to 50 users for each room.
  • Showcase your NFTs in AR on your OVRLand.
  • Update for OVRLand Experience Showcase.
  • Chat restyling and groups support.
  • Rokoko Suit support.


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